Yamaha YZF R1 M 2016 For GTA SA Android & PC

The R1M remains the top of Yamaha supersport motorcycles, and in need of grabbing one among Valentino Rossi’s old MotoGP bikes, this is often the foremost performance you'll have with the tuning forks logo. For 2018, Yamaha has left the driveline an equivalent – most folks would be proud of figures of 197bhp and 112Nm from a crossplane four-cylinder motor – but upgraded the electronics package. Therefore, additionally to the 6-axis IMU which controls traction control, ABS, slide control, lift control, and launch control, the R1M gets Ohlins semi-active suspension which adjusts the compression and rebound on the go, depending upon the feedback it receives from the sensors. it's called the Ohlins Smart EC 2ERS. It gets an updated quickshifter that now allows it clutchless downshifts also .

A new color scheme will debut on the 2018 Yamaha YZF-R1M, called ‘Silver Blu Carbon’.

Before the birth of the 2015 YZF-R1/YZF-R1M models, the electronic control systems on production motorcycles were separate, with one for the engine and one for the chassis. it had been with the all-new 2015 R1 models (#1) that these were unified into one system. What makes this integration possible is an electronic system featuring a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) (#2). It measures acceleration within the forward-backward, up-down and right-left directions and therefore the angular velocity within the machine’s pitch, roll and yaw directions, then calculates and relays that information in real-time to the bike’s systems to regulate the engine and therefore the behavior of the chassis to help the rider.
The YZF-R1 may be a production model, but its focus is on competing in and winning races. the event theme was to create a motorcycle that brings out the strengths of the rider to the fullest with performance that ensures they will run at the front during a race. Some might fear that having a racing-oriented high-power engine means excessively strong responses to rider input. However, Yamaha made sure that the R1 is provided with an impact system that inhibits excessive machine motion the maximum amount as possible in order that the rider doesn’t got to be overly cautious, can ride the bike confidently and may focus more fully on outmaneuvering and outracing rivals on the track.

The R1 also mounts a Unified brakes that utilizes the machine attitude information provided by the IMU to estimate lean angle and use that as a parameter for creating corrective adjustments to braking performance. The YZF-R1M boasts an electronically controlled suspension that creates adjustments to optimize the damping force of the front fork and rear shock supported information about road conditions from the IMU and various sensors. the top result's an electronic system that permits the rider to completely consider the act of riding, not only on the racetrack but also on public roads and mountain twisties

For example, if 50% of the rider’s attention is generally on how the machine is behaving, 30% on the track conditions and therefore the remaining 20% on a rival’s actions, the aim of the event was to extend that final 20% share therefore the rider can consider racing itself. In track testing the bike, the first focus wasn’t on raw laptimes; development supported times would eventually find yourself as a “machine vs. machine” competition instead of “rider vs. rider,” meaning the important aspect of racing being between people wouldn't inherit play.
With the YZF-R1’s new system , the signals from each sensor are processed by a 32-bit CPU capable of floating-point calculations at a high speed of 8 ms (125 calculations per second). Furthermore, the system achieves high-precision detection of machine lean angle and rear-wheel slide through hybrid estimation sensor technology supported a Yamaha-exclusive motorcycle motion model. These capabilities make it possible to integrate information about machine lean angle into the traction system (#3) and knowledge about rear-wheel slide into engine output control to assist achieve waste-free acceleration and other benefits across a good range of other situations.


1) HQ Model
2) 3D Engine
3) Working LED Headlights Taillights
4) HQ Textures
5) Smooth Handling
6) Optimized for Low End Devices
7) Suitable For First Person
8) HQ Real Time Reflections
9) Color Can Be Changed


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