Lamborghini Sian & Mclaren Speedtail - Hypercars Mod for GTA SA android & PC

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Today Im going to give you two brand new Hypecars MOD for GTA SA Android & PC. this is a pack of two cars conssist of Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 & Mclaren Speedtail.

Named in honor of Ferdinand Karl Piëch, Volkswagen Group’s chairman of the chief board from 1993 to 2002, the Sian FKP 37 will go down in history as Lamborghini’s first hybrid. It’s also the company’s most powerful production car ever, packing a mighty 819 horsepower from its electrified V12 engine. The car debuted with a sold-out status at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in September 2019, but now you'll buy one among the 63 cars planned for production.

There’s only one issue – it’s ridiculously expensive. While Lamborghini never revealed the car’s exact tag , it did say those that got the privilege to shop for one even before the official premiere paid quite €2 million or about $2.15M at current exchange rates, plus taxes. a billboard on lists the Aventador-based hybrid machine with a pre-tax selling price of €3.17M ($3.4M). Once you factor Germany’s 19 percent value added tax (VAT), you’re watching an eye-watering sticker of €3.77M ($4.05M).

Weighing just 75 pounds, the supercapacitor and motor sit between the cockpit and bulkhead to make sure an ideal weight distribution remains. Speaking of the electrical motor, it creates 34 horsepower of the 819 hp on tap. it is also bundled into the transmission for quick response and even better acceleration than the Aventador SVJ. At low speeds, the supercapacitor and motor provides enough power to work the Sián on electrical power . Not a lot, though, since Lamborghini mentioned drivers will operate the supercar silently will parking or reversing, for instance .

Offering breathtaking performance and luxurious luxury, the 2020 McLaren Speedtail embodies the foremost rarified summit of hypercar achievement. It's priced accordingly, with a price that starts around $2 million. With a top speed of 250 mph, this coupe holds the excellence of being the fastest McLaren ever built. The Speedtail's sheetmetal is streamlined and highly stylized, with its gaze assail the longer term . it is the stuff of fantasy . It boasts a hybrid powertrain that generates a staggering 1035 horsepower. If you're hoping to form one among these beauties your own, you're out of luck. Only 106 of those cars are going to be produced, all of which are spoken for.

The Speedtail offers a complement of the foremost modern conveniences. ditch exterior mirrors. Instead, the Speedtail comes standard with a pair of high-definition digital cameras that discreetly glide out of the doors once you press the beginning button. McLaren says the cameras are more aerodynamic than exterior mirrors and supply wider sightlines. The camera feed is displayed on a pair of screens within the cabin, one on either side of the control panel . Inspired by the legendary McLaren F1, the driver's seat is formed of carbon fiber. The cabin is draped in lightweight aniline and semi-aniline leather. These hides are often customized with unique stitching patterns during a sort of hues.

A twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 and an electrical motor collaborate here, producing a complete output of 1035 horsepower and 848 lb-ft of torque. Velocity mode tailors the car's powertrain and active dynamics to assist it achieve optimum speed. This mode, which comes standard, also can be wont to lower the car by 1.4 inches. This hypercar's acceleration capabilities are spellbinding. consistent with McLaren, the Speedtail rockets from a standstill to 186 mph in only 12.8 seconds. that creates it quicker off the road than the storied McLaren P1, which made that run in 16.5 seconds.


*HQ Exterior
*HQ Interior
*Body Color Can be Changed
*VHD Cars Reflection System
*Smooth Handling
*Color Changeable Wheels
*Working Headlights
*For Android PC
*Support All Android DEVICES


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