Lamborghini Huracan Performante Mod for GTA Sa Android

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Today I'm offer you the newest Lamborghini Huracan Peformante 2019 Car Mod for GTA SA Android. it's very top quality car model, including working headlights & taillights, smooth handling & my latest VHD Cars reflection system.also it's 2 version in 1 DFF file. 1 version is with roof and 1 is without roof!

The Huracán Performante has decided to lower its roof and transform itself into the Spyder with the very best performance that the Huracán family has ever seen. Its lines are designed to thrill initially sight and its state-of-the-art technology has been developed to supply a one-of-a-kind driving experience. Weighing in at 35 kg but the Huracán 4WD Spyder and with 30 HP more, this newest addition to the House of the Raging Bull vaunts the simplest power-to-weight ratio within the Huracán Spyder range. It uses Forged Composites® material and therefore the new ALA (Lamborghini Active Aerodynamics) technology. The Huracán Performante Spyder: power has become breathtakingly beautiful.

When the designers at Lamborghini started work on the Performance, that they had one thing on their mind; to form it as aerodynamic and efficient as possible, therefore the exterior changes are cool and calculated and not exactly fueled by a romantic passion for gracious and flowing lines. The Huracan Performante is made on a hybrid aluminum and carbon fiber frame, and therefore the body that sits on top makes extensive use of aluminum and Lamborghini's award-winning forged material . This innovative material gets used on the rear spoiler, rear engine cover, rear bumper and diffuser and leads to a big weight reduction of 88 pounds. one among the foremost noteworthy exterior features is that the inclusion of Lamborghini's Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva active aero system, which, together with Lamborghini's Piattaforma Inerziale management system, can control all the car's electronic systems on the fly - which suggests the Huracan Performante can control its active aero system in but 500 milliseconds.

Unlike its German rival, the Audi R8 V10 Plus, which offers a refined and mature interior space that feels more GT than supercar, the Huracan Performante gets a typically Italian cabin that mixes Italian flair with leading edge contemporary design. What we're trying to mention is that it's really cool. Lamborghini has made the foremost of its relationship with Audi: everything feels tight and rattle-free, and therefore the center console makes perfect sense and is definitely reached by both driver and passenger. a replacement digital dashboard displays the massive rev counter, optional navigation, and active driving modes. like the Aventador SVJ, the Performante gets a fighter-jet like flip switch ignition , which adds an excellent sense of occasion to what should rather be a really simple procedure. you'll also expect to seek out basics like power-adjustable seats, reverse camera, heated seats also as a climate system

Serious buyers will understand and forgive the Huracan Performante's but impressive fuel economy figures - in any case , it is a performance-tuned version of an already fast supercar. The revisions to the engine may need bagged the Performante a couple of extra horses, but it also takes its toll on the mileage numbers. The EPA states variety of 13/18/15 mpg city/highway/combined. If treated with the lightest foot possible, there could be an opportunity of seeing 20 mpg, but with a snarling V10 behind the accelerator , most owners will grasp at any chance to offer it the beans, and therefore the fuel economy will definitely match that enthusiasm. The Huracan Performante is fitted with a 21.9-gallon fuel tank, which should provides it an estimated maximum range of 372.3 miles. great for a Nurburgring record holder.


*HQ Exterior
*3D Engine
*HQ Interior
*VHD Cars Reflection System
*Smooth Handling
*Color Changeable Wheels
*Working Headlights & taillights


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Thanks For Downloading My Mod Guys.
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