Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Mod for GTA SA Android & PC

Staring into that inky blackness is that the 2019 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. The bad bull’s time is ending—Lamborghini's signaled the Aventador's finality with the Sian, a hybridized supercar that's meant to allude to the forthcoming replacement—and future-proof competitors are clamoring for its throat. McLaren's 720S, Ferrari's F8 Tributo, and Porsche's GT2 RS are all next-generation killers out for the Aventador SVJ’s old-world blood, wielding new adaptations like hybrid systems and high-efficiency turbochargers. 

But the aging Aventador remains staving off the inevitable with Einsteinian active aerodynamics and stocco-sharp performance to accompany its ostentatious looks and singular lycanthropic V12 yowl. No, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ won't go quietly into that farewell , and nor will you be once bitten by this primeval Italian creation. Prepare to growl at strangers.

Bridging the gap between the 12-cylinder engine, which has its firing order emblazoned atop the engine in true Lamborghini pageantry—1,12,4,9,2,11,6,7,3,10,5,8—and the Haldex-style all-wheel drive may be a single-clutch, 7-speed, semi-automatic transmission. Why isn't there a dual-clutch like its closest rivals you ask? Essentially, it comes right down to the Aventador platform's antiquity. When Lamborghini began developing the Aventador before its 2011 Geneva debut, dual-clutches were susceptible to disintegrate whenever prodded with Lamborghini-levels of horsepower. Dual-clutch units were also heavy. Given the apparent drawbacks, the selection between the 2 was an easy one for Sant'Agata.

Walking up thereto , you’re struck by the lunacy of its appearance. Everything about the Aventador SVJ, whether it’s the hundred approximately vents, active aerodynamics, razor-sharp angles, or its Rosso Mimir paint, is quintessential Lamborghini. There’s no mistaking it for a Ferrari, McLaren, or Porsche. Lamborghini could tell me the Aventador SVJ's designer escaped a mental hospital and broke into its design studio on the day pen met paper and I'd believe them. I'd then attempt to shake their hand or a minimum of try as a straightjacket likely makes a handshake somewhat difficult.

That mad-as-a-hatter character continues inside. Billionaire doors open, the Aventador SVJ’s cockpit wouldn’t look out of place with one among the Navy’s freshest Top Gun recruits behind the wheel. It’s a huge array of buttons, switches, paddles, racing hard-backed seats, and a bright red flap mounted within the middle of the driver-passenger partition. Flip it up and either you’ve primed your missiles, readied its ejection seat , or you’ve located the Aventador SVJ’s starter.


1) HQ Model
2) 3D Engine
3) Working LED Headlights Taillights
4) HQ Textures
5) Smooth Handling
6) Optimized for Low End Devices
7) Suitable For First Person
8) HQ Real Time Reflections
9) Color Can Be Changed


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